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Scottish Time Line

55B.C. juliusC.Tsar(102-44B.C.)	.
landed in Britain.	
80A.D. Julius Agricola invades	
84	Mons Graupius.	
121	Hadrian's Wall.	
139	Antonine's Wall. 
209	Campaign of Severus.		.
397	St. Ninian in Galloway.	
501	Scots settle in Argyll.		
563	St. Columba arrives at
575	Treaty of Drumceat.	
597	Death of St. Columba.	
606	Death of King Aidan of	
685	Battle of Nectansmere.	
794	Beginning of Norse invasion of Scotland.
812	Danes plunder Iona.	
843	KennethmacAli3in,king ofpicts and 8cot's. -
942	Malcolm I crowned.		
977	Battle of Luncarty.		.
1005	Malcolm II crowned.		.
ioi8	Battle of Carham  
1040	King Duncan murdered.Macbeth crowned king.	
io6g	Marriage of Malcolm Ceanmore and Margaret.		
1093	Deaths of Malcohn and Margaret.	
io98	Magnus Barefoot claims Western Isles.	
II07	Alexander I crowned.	
I 124	David I crowned king.Province of Moray for-		
II30	feited to the Crown.
II38	Battle of the Standard.		
II53	Malcolm IV crowned.	
	Rise of Somerled.	
1329	Death
1160	Galloway subjected to	
	the Crown.Accession of David II.
1164	Death of Somerled
1174	Treaty of Falaise.
1179	Province of Ross sub-
" Scotland."dued by William the Lion (II43-I2I4).
118o	Inverness received Char Also ter from William the
known as Graham's	Lion (I I43-I2I4).
I2I4	Alexander II (1198-1249)made king
1222	Alexander II(' 198-I249)conquers Argyll
	I238	Glemnasan MS. written.
the island of Iona.
I249	Alexander II died at 	Kerrera.
	Alexander III crowned.
I263	Battle of Largs fought.
	Dalriada.	I266	Western Isles annexed 	by the Crown.
1274	Robert the Bruce born.
1286	Death of Alexander III.
1290	Death of the Maid ofNorway
1296	Invasion of Scotland by
		Edward I of England.
		Ragman's Roll issued.
		Revolt of Wallace.
Franco-Scottish            Alh-
Strathclyde annexed by		ance signed.
The King of Scots
1297	Battle of Stirling Bridge.
1298	Battle of Falkirk.
1305	Execution of Wallace.
1306	Red Comyn killed at Dumfries by Bruce.
Coronation of Robert the Bruce at Scone. 
1308	Battle of the Pass of Brander
1314	Battle of Bannockburn.
1320	Letter to the Pope 	asserting the Indepen-dence of Scotland.
1326	First Scottish Parlia-ment met.
1328	Treaty of Northampton.	of Robert the 	Bruce.
I332,	Edward Balliol invades Scotland.Battle of Dupplin.
I333	Battle of Halidon Hill.
1346	Battle ofneville's Cross.
I371	Accession of Robert II, first of the Stewart Kings.
I388	Battle of Otterburn.
1396	Clan battle at Perth.
14o6	James I (I394-I437) captured by English.
1411	Battle of Harlaw.
I4I2	Foundation of St. Andrew's University.
I424	James I allowed to return to Scotland.
I427	Parliament at Inverness when James I ordered the imprisonment of
5o Highland Chiefs.
1429 Battle of Drumnacoub.
I437	Assassination of James I at Perth.
1451	Foundation of Glasgow University.
I452	Earl of Douglas killed.
I455	Downfall of the Black Douglases.
I46o-I530 William Dunbar,
poet and priest.
146o	Death of James II.
I466	Battle of Blair-na-Park.
I468	Orkney and Shetland Islands acquired by Scotland from Norway.
148o	Battle of Bloody Bay, near Tobermory.
I488	Battle of Sauchieburn.  Assassination of James III by rebels.
I493	End of the Lordship of the Isles.
James IV visited Dunstaffnage and Mingarry Castles.
1495	James IV visited the Western Highlands.  Foundation of King's College, Aberdeen.
1496	Education Act passed.
1498-99 James IV visits the Western Highlands.
1503 Insurrection of Donald Dubh.
I5o6-1582 George Buchanan,,historian, humanist and reformer.
I507	Printing introduced to Scotland by Miller.
I5I2	Compilation of the Book of Lismore begun.
I513	Battle of Flodden.Death of James IV.
1529	John Armstrong and his followers hanged by order of James V.
15;2-34 Expedition of Jamcs
V to the Highlands.

1540	James V toured the Western Isles.
I542	Rout of Solway Moss.  Death of James V.
Birth of Mary, Queen of Scots, at Linlithgow.
I544	English Expedition to the Western Isles.
Battle of Blar-na-leine.  Battle of Pinkie.
155o	Death of Mackinnon, the last abbot of Iona.
1557	The First Covenant.
I561	Queen Mary returns to Scotland from France.
I562	Queen Mary visits Inverness.
I567	Knox's Liturgy translated into Gaelic by Bishop Carswell.
1568	Battle of Langside.
1569	Mary MacLeod (Mairi Nighean Alasdair Ruaids, I569-i674) Gaehe poetess, born.
157o	The murder of Regent Moray by nobles.
I57i	Regent Lennox slain.
1572	Death of John Knox.  Death of Regent Mar.
I579	Bible printed in Scotlarid for first time.
1582 Foundation of Edinburgh University.
i587 Act for quieting the Clans of the Borders,
Highlands, and Isles. 1588-89 SpanishArmada ship sunk at Tobermory.
1594	Battle of Glenlivet.
1597	Highlanders give assistance to Queen Elizabeth I of England.
I598	Highland Landowners ordered to prove their right to possess titles.  
Lewis granted to Lowland " Adventurers."
i6oo	Gowrie conspiracy.
16oi	Lowland "Adventurers"in Lewis defeated.
16O2	Battle of Glenfruin.
16O3	Union of the Crowns.
1605	Renewed attempt to colonise Is. of Lewis by "Adventurers."
i6O7	MacKenzie of Kintai acquires Lewis.
16og	Statutes of Iona."
16I4	Islay granted to Campbell of Cawdor.
1625	Death of James VI.
i633	Charles I (i6oo-49)visits Scotland.
1638	The National Covenant.
1643	Solemn League and Covenant signed.
1644	Battle of Tippermuir.
1644-45 CampaignofMarquis of Montrose.
1645	Battle of Inverlochy. montroseravagesargyll.
Battle of Philiphaugh:
Montrose defeated.
Battle of Auldearn.
1647	Garrison of Dunaverty massacred by General Leslie.
1649	Execution of Charles I. Charles II (i630-85)
proclaimed king.
165o	Execution of Montrose.  Battle of Dunbar.
Battle of Invercarron.
1651 Battle of Inverkeithing.  Battle of Worcester.
1653 Scotland takenunder the Protectorate.
i66o Restoration of Charles II to the throne.
i66i Execution of the Marquis of Argyll.
1666 Pentland Rising occurred in the North.
1678 Invasion of the SouthWest of Scotland by the "Highland Host."
i679 Battle of Drumclog.
Battle of Bothwell Bridge.
1685 Death of Charles II.  Earl of Argyll's Invasion of Scotland.
Execution of the Earl of Argyll at Edinburgh.
1689 James VII deposed.
Battle of Killiecran
Battle of Dunkeld.
1692 Massacre of the          c ans by government troops at Glencoe.
1698 Darien Expedition.
I701	Alexander MacDonald (Alastair Macmhaighster Alastair, I70I8o) the Gaelic poet, born.
I7o2	Death of William II.
1707	Union of Parliaments.
I7I4	Death of Queen Anne.  Rob MacKay (d.  I778) Gaelic poet, born.
I7I5	First Jacobite Rising.  Battle of Sheriffmuir.
17i6	Dugald Buchanan (I7i668) Gaelic poet, born.
I7I9	Jacobite Rising.
Battle of Glenshiel.
I724	Duncan Ban Macintyre (1724-i8I2) born.
1725	General Wade appointed Commander-inChief in the Highlands of Scotland.
Road construction begins in the Highlands.
I727	Death of George I.
I729	Independent Cos. begun.
1736	James Macpherson (Ossian) (1736-96) born at Ruthven.
I739	Black Watch raised.
I743	The potato introduced into the Highlands.
I745-46 Last Jacobite Rising.
1745	Prince Charles raises the Stewart Banner at Glenshiel.
Battle of Prestonpans.
1746	Battle of Falkirk.
Battle of Culloden.
Highland dress proscribed by Parliament.
1759	Robert Burns (I759-96) born at Alloway.
I76o	Death of George II.
I767	First New Testament in Gaelic printed.
I770	James Hogg, poet, born (I770-I835).
I77I	Sir Walter Scott born in Edinburgh (I77Ii832).
1775	Ewan MacLachlan, Gaelic poet, born.
Penal Statutes against Clan Gregor repealed.
I777	Highland Light Infantry raised.
1778	Seaforth Highlanders raised
I779	John Galt, Scottish author, born (I779I839).
178o	Thomas Chalmers, Scottishdivineandhumanist, born in Anstruther (Fife) (I780-1847).
I782	Act proscribing Highland dress repealed.
1783-I8oi First Gaelic Biblep ublished.
1788 Prince Charles Edward died (1720-88)-
I793 Cameron Highlandersraised.
1794 Argyll and Sutherland
Highlanders raised.

I794 Gordon Highlanders raised. 0
18O2	Hugh Miller, geologist and author, born
Cromarty (i8O2-56).
I804	Dr. John MacLachl@n., of Rahoy (1804- 1874),Gaelic poet, born.
i8o8	Evan MacColl (d. i 898),
Gaelic poet, born.William Livingstone
(I808-I870), Gaelic poet, born.
i8I3	David         Livingstone born Blantyre (l8I3I873).
i8l5	Battle of Waterloo.
i8i8	Dugald Macphail born.
i822	Visit of George IV to Scotland.
i824	GeorgeMacDonaldborn (i824-I905).
i834	Mrs. Mary Mackellar (1834-I89o), Gaelic poetess, born.
i842	Queen Victoria's first visit to Scotland.
I843	Neil MacLeod, Gaelic poet, born.
I85o	R. L. Stevenson born Edinburgh (i850-94).
i864	Neil Munro, author and poet, born (d.  I930).
i886	Crofters' Act passed.
igi2	The Scottish Land Court entered on its duties.
igi4-igi8 The First Worid
192I Scottish Railways absorbed into L.N.E.R. and L.M.S. lines. i928 Grampian Hydro-Electric Power Scheme initiated.
I929 Union of Church of Scotland and United Free Church. 1934 Cunard White Star liner Queen Mary launched at Clydebank,

1938 Cunard White Star liner Queen Elizabeth launched at Ciydebai@K. 1939-45 Second World War.  I947 Edinburgh Festival of Music and Drama inaugurated. rs
I948 King George VI confe dignity of "Royal"


on Highland andagricultural Societv of Scotland.

I955 Crofters' Commission set up with head-

quarters in Inverness.  I958 Forth Road bridge cornmenced.

you arethat has visited the Church.