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Marriage Notices From Kansas Territal Newspapers, 1854-1861

J-L List

JACKSON, WADE M., / Mrs. Hannah A. Conner, of Boone, mar.  Jan. 22, 1856,
by Elder N. Flood. (LKWH, Feb. 16.)

JACOBS, CAPT.  WILLIAM M., / Amelia McCoun, mar.  Jan. 30, 1855, in 
Ray county, Mo. (LKWH, Feb. 23.)

JAVE@NS, HENSON, / Tryphosa, dau. of  Rev.  James Witten, mar.  Aug. 2,
1856, by the Rev.  Werter R. Davis. (LR, Aug. 9.)

JENKINS, JAMES B., of Kentucky, / Georgia, dau. of judge J. M. and 
Nancy Reed, mar.  Oct. 1, 1857, by  Rev.  Leander Ker. (LKWH, Oct. 3.)

JENNINGS, SAMUEL L., / Maggie Moore, mar.  June 11, 1860, by Giles A.
Briggs. (WCKC, June 14.)

JESTER, GEORGE W., / Martha A. Pullam, mar.  Oct. 25, 1857, at Oregon, Mo.,
by Mr. Renfro. (WCKC, Nov. 5.)

JOHNSON, A., / E. S. Taylor, both of Lake county, Ill., mar.  Nov. 20, 1860, 
in Fremont, Ill., by  Rev.  Mr. Freeman. (WCG, Nov. 21.)

JOHNSON, B. F., Johnson county, / Sarah Armstrong, Wyandotte, mar.  Oct.
17, 1855, by  Rev.  William Barnett. (LKWH, Oct. 27.)

JOHNSON, JAMES W., Lexington, Ky., / Sadonia A. Eastin, Columbia, Mo., mar.  
Mar. 14, 1858, at Boonville, Mo., by  Rev.  A. M. Painter. (LKWH, April 3.)

JOHNSON, MORRIS B., printer of Middleton, Pa., formerly of this office, / 
Caroline Martin, Sanford, Mass., mar.  July 26, 1857, at the First Methodist Church, 
St. Louis, Mo., by  Rev.  C. B. Parsons. (LKWH, Sept. 5.)

JOHNSON, PETER, / Maria Anderson, both of Wbitewater, Otoe county, Kan.,
mar.  April 1, 1860, at Chelsea, Butler county, by  Rev.  J. S. Saxby.
(EKN, April 28.)

JONES, ISAIAH, / Sarah Ann Bennett, mar.  Dec. 20, 1860, by W. F. Cloud. (EKN, Dec. 29.)

JONES, L. L., / Harriet E., dau. of the Rev.  J. C. Beach, mar.  Jan. 12, 18(30, at Olathe, by  
Rev.  Mr. Beach. (LR, Jan. 19.)

JONES, T. M., Pittsburgh, Pa., / Annie E., dau. of Gen.  William Larimer, mar.
June 24, 1857, by the Rev.  W. W. Backus. (LWT, July 3.)

JONES, WASHINGTON, St. Joseph, / Bettie Cunningham, mar. -, 1855, at
Westport, Mo. (ASS, Sept. 4.)

JUDD, HENRY, / Anna Hunt, mar.  May 15, 1860, by  Rev.  C. M. Callaway.
(TKT, May 19.)

JUDSON, CHARLES O., / Annie E. Johnston, both of Fort Scott, mar.  Nov. 21, 1860, 
at residence of Dr. Melich, Vernon county, Mo., by the Rev.  S. W. Mitchell. (FSD, Dec. 1.)

KASTOR, J. H., / J. Berry, mar.  Oct. 30, 1859, by the Rev.  Mr. Davidson.
(LDT, Oct. 31.)

KATIMENS, CHAIMES JAMES, JR., "border ruffian of Atchison," / Sophia Agnes Robidoux, 
St. Joseph, Mo., mar.  Sept. 24, 1856, at St. Joseph, by 
Rev.  Joseph Scanlon. (ASS, Oct. 14.)

KAUCHER, WILLIAM, / Sarah Ellen, dau. of judge Samuel Watson, Oregon, Mo., mar.  
Sept. 26, 1858, by the Rev.  Joshua Bowman. (WCKC, Sept. 30.)

KAY, THOMAS, / Catherine Cottier, Holt county, Mo., mar.  Mar. 8, 1860, by 
Rev.  W. R. Fulton. (WCKC, Mar. 22.)

KEATING, R. H., formerly of Indiana, / Charlotte Norton, later of Lowell, Mass., 
mar. -, 1857, at Manhattan, by  Rev.  C. E. Blood. (LHF, Jan. 24.)

KEELER, CAPT.  JULIUS, of Moneka, formerly of Norwalk, Ohio, / Annie Davenport, 
formerly of Indianapolis, Ind., mar.  Feb. 4, 1859, in Kansas Lodge of 1. 0. of G. T., by 
Rev.  R. C. Brant. (LR, Feb. 10.)

KEENEY, GEORGE M., Oregon, Mo., / Sarah M. Pierce, Doniphan county,
mar.  Dec. 13, 1860, by  Rev.  Mr. Kelly. (WCKC, Dec. 27.)

KELCH, WILLIAM P.,/ Elizabeth Deweese, both of Atchison county, mar.  Mar. 14, 1858, at 
Mt.  Pleasant, by  Rev.  B. C. Dennis. (SG, April 8.)

KELLAM, CHARLES C./ Martha S. Damon, Milwaukee, Wis., mar.
1857, at St. James Church, Milwaukee, by  Rev.  J. P. T. Ingraham.
(TKT, Aug. 22.)

KELLEY, COL.  ROBT.  S., editor of Squatter Sovereign, / Mary Foreman,
Doniphan, mar.  Dec. 23, 1856, at Doniphan, by  Rev.  Thomas Hoagland.
(ASS, Jan. 6, 1857.)

KELLEY, THOMAS D./ Parmelia Bell, of Lecompton, mar.  Dec. 23, 1858, by  
Rev.S. Y.Lum.(LR, Jan. 6, 1859.)

KELLOGG, GEORGE M./ Mary Swainhart, both of Geary City, mar.  Aug. 24,
1859, by  Rev.  Julius Spencer. (AU, Sept. 17.)

KELLY, MICHAEL, / Mary Campion, mar.  Oct. 11, 1857, by Bishop Mi4ge.
(LKWH, Oct. 17.)

KELLY, WASHINGTON D./ Helen F. Lattin, mar.  July 22, 1857, by 
Rev. . H. Stone. (LKWH, July 25.)

KELSOE, JOHN R./ Pbebe Hellard, mar.  Jan. 10, 1861, at house of Mr.
Hellard. (FSD, Jan. 12.)

KENNEDY, OLIV@ P./ Martha M. Woodruff, both of Douglas county, mar.  
Aug. 12, 1860, by the Rev.  F. R. S. Byrd, minister of United Brethren. (LR, Aug. 16.)

KENNEDY, THOMAS H./Martha E. Nolen, mar.  Sept. 11, 1859, by the Rev.
A. W. Pitzer. (LDT, Sept. 13.)

KERR, JOHN, of firm of Iselt, Brewster & Co./ Sue E. Haines, Rockford, Ill.,
mar.  April 1, 1858, at residence of bride's brother, at Rockford. (LKWH, April 10.)

KETCHUM, JACOB W./ Eliza H. Shockley, mar.  Dec. 18, 1857, on Eagle creek, 
Madison county, by  Rev.  George Perkins. (EKN, Jan. 2, 1858.)

KRLBY, JAMES M., Andrews county, Mo./ Ann Elizabeth Corum, of 
Leavenworth county, mar.  Jan. 21, 1856, by the Rev.  H. P. Johnson. (LKWH, Jan. 26.)

KJLLOUC-1-1, CARVALHO OGILVIE GILBEliT/ Mary D. Belyou, both of Missouri, mar.  
Sept. 22, 1860, at residence of Thomas D. Killough, White Cloud, by Giles A. Briggs. (WCKC, Sept. 27.)

KING, B. H./ Mary E., eldest dau. of Hiram McConnell, both of Neosho Falls, Woodson county, 
mar.  Nov. 14, 1860, by Russell Austin. (LKND, Dec. 13.)

KING, DR.  CHARLES, / Maggie Jackson,, mar.  Aug. 11, 1859, by judge J. C.
Miller. (TKT, Aug. 18.)

KITCMNGHAM, WILLIAM, of Douglas county, / Lucy Conser, of Blair county, Pa., mar.  
July 5, 1859, by  Rev.  E. Nute, Jr. (LHF, July 16.)

KITTRIDGE, T., Chicago, / E. M., dau. of Deacon J. Hinkle, mar.  April 2, 1860, at 
Eckford, Mich., by  Rev.  Mr. McCorkle. (EFP, April 14.)

KLEINHANS, A. J./ Mary J. Coffman, mar.  May 5, 1859, in Jefferson county, by  
Rev.  C. R. Rice. (EKN, May 28.)

KLINE, DAVID, / Rosa Sands, mar.  Oct. 14, 1860, at residence of bride's brother. (LDT, Oct. 16.)

KNUTESON, KNUTE, / Mary Olson, mar.  June 14, 1858. (SG, June 19.)

KULLAK, Huco, / Mary Ann McAffrey, mar.  Oct. 4, 1860, at residence of  
Rev.  C. M. Callaway. (TKSR, Oct. 6.)

KUPPER, JOHN F./ Ella Jane Gilbert Gough Taylor, mar.  July 16, 1860, at the 
home of J. M. Crowell, by the Rev.  L. D. Price. (AFC, July 21.)

LADD, ERASTus D., ESQ./ Mary W. Tribou, of Middleborough, Mass., mar.  
Nov. 10, 1855, at Middleborough, by the Rev.  Thomas P. Rodman. (LHF, Dec. 15.)

LADD, ERAsTus D./ Eliza Jane Blackford, mar.  Oct. 24, 1858, by  Rev.
E.	Nute. (LR, Oct. 28.)

LAMB, HoN.  A. W., Hannibal, Mo./ Mary J. McDannald, Natchez, Miss., mar.  
Oct. 15, 1856, at the Second Presbyterian Church, St. Louis, by  Rev.  D. Rice. (LKWH, Oct. 25.)

LANTER, JOHN T., Anderson county, / Elizabeth H. Baldwin, Franklin county, mar.  
Sept. 27, 1860, at residence of bride's father, by  Rev.  Mr. Green, Garnett. (LR, Oct. 11.)

LAPPIN, SAMUEL, Seneca, / Amanda C. Beilharz, mar.  Feb. 28, 1860, at residence of 
bride's father, Bridgewater, Mich. (WCKC, Mar. 8.)

LAIRZALERE, WILLIAM P./ Sue Davis, Missouri, mar.  Sept. 26, 1858, at 
residence of bride's father, by  Rev.  Thomas Hoagland. (AFC, Oct. 2.)

LASHER, WILLIAM H., Osawatomie, / Cornelia S. Babcock, of Wisconsin,
mar.  July 22, 1860, by  Rev.  A. L. Downey. (LDT, July 24.)

LAWHORN, JOHN D., / Sarah Osborn, both of Doniphan, mar.  April 15, 1856,
by Thos.  W. Waterson, Esq. (LKWH, April 19.)

LENOIR, DR.  WALTER T., / Fannie, dau. of President James Shannon, Columbia, Mo., 
mar.  May 29, 1856, at Columbia, by Elder A. M. Proctor. (LKWH, June 21.)

LEONARD, LOT, / Juletta Lane, mar.  Feb. 4, 1860, at Bazaar, Chase county, 
by J. F. R. Leonard, Esq. (EKN, Feb. 25.)

LEONARD, DR.  M. J. F., Louisville, Ky., / Mrs. R. A. Hodges, dau. of the 
late judge Harvey Griswold, Marthasville, Warren county, Mo., mar.  Oct. 14, 1856, 
at residence of Mrs. M. Griswold, Marthasviffe, by  Rev.  William Newland. (LKWH, Nov. 8.)

LESTER, EDMOND, / Mrs. Mary M. Graham, mar. -, 1860, at residence of bride's 
father near Baldwin City, by the Rev.  Dr. W. R. Davis. (LR, April 26.)

LEU, JACOB, / Hester Squires, mar.  June 12, 1859, by P. P. Wilcox, Esq. (AFC, June 18.)

LFVERMORE, WILLIAM, / Louisa F. Dickson, mar.  Sept. 30, 1860, at residence of 
Deacon Dickson on the Wakarusa, by  Rev.  Richard Cordley. (LR, Oct. 11.)

LEWIS, ELIPHALIET, / Laura Kennedy, mar.  April 22, 1858, at Ohio City,
Kan., by P. P. Elder, Esq. (LR, May 6.)

LEWIS, DR.  ISAIAH M./ Sarah W. Goss, mar.  Jan. 1, 1861, at residence of G.
F. Killam, by  Rev.  Mr. Perkins. (LR, Jan. 3.)

LEWIS, JOHN H., Lecompton, and Emily H. Dryden, Frankfort, Ky., mar.  Nov.
1, 1860, in Frankfort, by  Rev.  Mr. Hudricks. (LKND, Nov. 15.)

LEWIS, STERLING, / Tabitha Davis, both of Greenwood county, mar.  Feb.
26, 1860, in Greenwood county, by Wm.  H. Stevens, Esq. (BNVR, Mar. 13.)

LINK, ADAM R./ Emma E. Quiett, both of Tecumseh, mar.  Aug. 22, 1858, at home of 
Esley Quiett, father of the bride, by  Rev.  F. P. Montfort. (LHF, Sept. 4.)

LINN, JAMES M., ESQ., of Osage Nation, K. T./ Sarah Frances Linn, of
Sangamon county, Ill., mar. -, 1857, at Springfield, Ill., by  Rev.  A.
Hale. (LHF, Nov. 14.)

LIVERMORE, WILLIAM, / Louisa F. Dickson, mar.  Sept. 30, 1860, at residence of 
Deacon Dickson on the Wakarusa, by  Rev.  Richard Cordley. (LR, Oct. 11.)

LLOYD, A. J., of Burlingame, / A. E. Woodley, of New Castle, Canada West, mar.  
July 1, 1858, at Brownville, Kan., by  Rev.  John E. Moore. (LHF, July 17.)

LLOYD, S. W., of the Kansas / Nebraska Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church, and 
Mary C. Dunn, teacher of the preparatory department of Baker University, mar.  
Mar. 8, 1860, at residence of bride's father near Baldwin City, by  Rev.  W. R. Davis. (LDT, Mar. 15.)

LOCKFRMAN, NICHOLAS, / Sarah F. Davis, mar.  Jan. 29, 1860, near Emporia, by 
Benjamin T. Clark. (Emporia, Kansas News, Feb. 4.) 

LOEB, BERNHARD, / Regina Weil, Cincinnati, Ohio, mar.  May 10, 1858, by  Rev.  
Mr. Wise. (LWT, May 22.) 

LONG, DAvm, / Mary J. Walker, both of Brown county, mar.  June 24, 1859, at 
residence of B. F. Killey, Hiawatha, by Hon.  W. G. Sargent. (WCKC, July 7.)

LOUGHBOROUGH, JAMES M., St. Louis, Mo., / Mary, dau. of Dr. A. W. Webster, mar.  
Nov. 10, 1857, at Carondelet, Mo., by  Rev.  John F. Cowan. (LKWH, Dec. 5.)

LovEjoy, CHARLES JULIUS, / Sarah Barricklow, mar.  Dec. 3, 1857, at home of 
Henry Barricklow, Esq., Palmyra, Kan., by  Rev.  C. H. Lovejoy. (LHF, Dec. 5.)

LUCE, B. T., / Mary J. Purdy, mar.  Mar. 14, 1859, by  Rev. R. D. Parker.
(LDT, April 19.)

LUCE, ROBERT M./ Mary J. Young, both of Topeka, mar.  Mar. 10, 1859, at 
Lawrence, by  Rev.  E. Nute. (LHF, Mar. 19.)

LUNDY, PASCHAL F., Brown county, / Missouri Catron, Holt county, Mo.,
mar.  April 28, 1859, by  Rev.  D. C. O'Howell. (WCKC, May 5.)

LUSK, WILLIAM H., proprietor of the Jefferson, Mo., Inquirer, / Abbie, 
dau. of J. B. Burgess, Buchanan county, Mo., mar.  Oct. 2, 1856, by Elder J. J. Wyatt. (LKWH, Oct. 18.)

LYLE, JAMES M., formerly of Madison county, Ky./ Martha A. Bonr@ell, 
Delaware City, Kan., mar.  Jan. 29, 1857, by  Rev.  C. W. Neviu. (LKWH, Feb. 7.)

LymoND, JAMES, / Jenctte Scott, mar.  Nov. 3, 1857, by  Rev.  H. Stone.
(LKWH, Nov. 7.)

LYON, CT-IARLES C./ Harriet Adams, mar.  Mar. 11, 1860, by  
Rev.  Ira Blackford. (TKSR, Mar. 17.)

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