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Marriage Notices From Kansas Territal Newspapers, 1854-1861

G-I List

GAMBELL, W. P., Leavenworth, / Joanna A. Putnam, Adrian, Mich., mar.
Oct. 15, 1857, at Adrian, by the Rev.  Geo.  C. Curtis. (WC, Nov. 14.)

GANT, SAMUEL, and Martha Ann, dau. of P. L. Hudgens, Savannah, Mo., mar.
Jan. 24, 1858, by Elder Jordan Wright. (LKWH, Feb. 27.)

GARDNER, F. C., / Ella Adair, mar.  Sept. 28, 1857, at residence of H. F. C.
Harrison, Independence, Mo., by the Rev.  Mr. Tilford. (TKT, Oct. 10.)

GARDNER, HENRY W.,/Clarinda Kirkendall, mar.  April 29, 1858, at residence of 
bride's father, by tRev.  G. C. Morse. (EKN, May 1.)

GAYLORD, M. L., of Atchison, / Lizzie Edwards, Southampton, Mass., mar.
,1858, at Alton, Ill., by  Rev.  Mr. Taylor. (AFC, Nov. 27.)

GIBBS, WESLEY, / Mary judge, Ozawkee, mar.  Sept. 21, 1860, by  Rev.  J.
Schacht. (TKSR, Sept. 29.)

GIBSON, JOHN, / Lucinda Jones, mar.  April 1, 1860, by J. W. Cook, acting
mayor. (EFP, April 7.)

GILLMORE, SAMUEL J., / Mary Ann Saltsman, both of Osage Mission, mar.  
Sept, 6, 1859, at the Western Hotel, by  Rev.  Mr. Thompson. (FSD, Sept. 8.)

GILMORE, THOMAS M., /Annie J. Wright, mar.  Sept. 19, 1859, by  Rev.
R. C. Brant. (LR, Sept. 22.)

GMT, NATHAN, / Ellen W. Brander, mar.  June 6, 1860, by judge Dow. (TKSR, June 9.)

GLASS, GEORGE A., / Elizabeth A. Carter, of Oregon, Mo., mar . June 21, 1857,
by Rev.  Mr. Fulton. (WCKC, June 25.)

GLEICH, JOHN P., / Mrs. Catherine Terrass, mar.  April 16, 1857, at Mill creek,
by  Rev.  H. Jones, of Wabaunsee. (LHF, May 2.)

GODWIN, WILLIAM H., / Frances Park, mar.  July 25, 1857, at the Shawnee House, 
by Rev.  D. T. Hohnes. (LKWH, Aug. 1.)

GOODRIM, WALTER B., of Iowa, /Mary Halstead, mar.  July 26, 1859, by 
Rev.  J. T. Holliday. (TKT, July 28.)

GORDON, DAVID S.,/ Nannie E. Hughes, mar.  April 27, 1859, at the residence
of the bride's father, by Rev.  A. W. Pitzer. (LDT, April 28.)

GORDON, J. C., / Mrs. Mary Fellows, mar.  Aug. 4, 1857, at the Topeka House,
by  Rev.  C. M. Callaway. (TKT, Aug. 8.) 

GORDON, W. L.,/ Sarah Smith, Belmont, N. Y., mar.  Nov. 15, 1860, at Belmont. 
(TKT, Dec. 1.)

GRAHAM, JAMES H., /Mrs. Amanda Hollis, mar.  Dec. 26, 1859, at El Man daro, 
Madison county, Kan., by J. A. Williams. (EKN, Jan. 14, 1860.)

GRAHAM, JAMES M., / Amanda, dau. of Robert Gingry, St. Joseph, Mo., mar.  
Feb. 21, 1860, by Rev.  E. G. Nicholson. (AFC, Mar. 3,)

GRAHAM, JOHN H.,/ Mrs. Betsy Killum, mar.  Oct. 25,1859, by H. H. Moore. 
(LR, Oct. 27.)

GRAUSER, CH-AIILIES O., / Julia Rowe, mar.  Sept. 27, 1857, at Germantown, Ohio. 
(WCKC, Nov. 5.)

GRAYUM, JOHN J., / Martha Thomas, formerly of Platte county, Mo., mar.  
June 10, 1855, at Shekomeko (Moravian mission) , three miles from Leavenworth, by 
Rev.  David Z. Smith. (LKWH,June 15.)

GREEN, H. M., / Margy Manoge, both of Douglas county, mar.  Jan. 26, 1860,                                      
by  Rev.  J, Copeland. (LND Feb,23}

GBEEN, ISRAEL J., / Nancy Griffing, mar.  Mar.21, 1857, by  Rev.  J. S.
Griffing. (TKT, Mar. 30.)

GREEN, JOEL C., / Gussie E. Winters, mar.  April 6, 1860, at Washington,
D.C. (CGKP, April 30.)

GREEN DR.WT., of West Point, Ind., / Helen Marion, dau. of Hon.  GREEN, DR.  WILLIA
Otis Thacher, of Homellsville, N. Y., mar.  Sept. 14, 1858, at Homellsville,
by Rev.  F. Graves. (LR. 7.)

GRIFFING REV JAMES /J Agusta, dau. of Silas Goodrich, mar Sept.13,1855 at Owego, N. Y.
, by  Rev.  G. H. Blakeslee {LHF, Sept 29.)

GRIFFITH, DAVID, JR., / Mary Catherine Lobingier, both of Ottawa, mar.  
Nov. 16, 1859, by Nelson Merchant. (BNVR Nov.29.)

GRIFFITH, JOSHUA, / Mary Santer, mar.  Sept. 9, 1858, at Greeley, Kan., by the 
Rev.  William C. McDow. (LHF, Sept. 25.) 

GRIMES, MOSES E., / Emily S., dau. of William A. Ela, of Hampton, mar.  
A pril 15, 1858, at Hampton, by Rev.  Rodney Paine. (LHF, May 1.)

GRIMES, MOSES E., / Mrs. Frances A. Packard, both of Avon township, Coffey county, 
mar.  Nov. 7, 1860, by the Rev.  Peter Remer. (BNVR, Nov. 14.)

GRISWOLD, DANIEL, of Burlingame, / Betsey Simons, of Dryden, N. Y., mar.  
Dec. 16, 1857, at Dryden, by the Rev.  W. C. Hubbard. (LR, Jan. 7, 1858.)

GRISWOLD, DR.  J. F., / Helen M. Hewitt, late of Minnesota, mar.  May 8, 1859, by 
Rev.  S. Y. Lum. (LHF, May 14.)

GROVFR, JOEL, / Emily Jane Hunt, mar.  Oct. 13, 1857, by the Rev.  E. Nute.{LWT, Oct. 17.)

HAAS, CAPT.  H. C., / Barbara Herbaltsherrner, mar. -, 1858. (LWT, July 10.)

HACKLIEY, SAMUEL A., / Laura High, mar.  Jan. 9, 1861, by Jos.  W. Robinson, Esq. (EFP, Jan. 12.)

HADDOX, Wm., / Matilda Hurst, mar.  Feb. 5, 1857, by P. P. Wilcox. (ASS,Feb. 10.)

HAFNER, MFLCHIOR, / Annie GrLiebel, mar.  Mar. 6, 1860, by Joseph Speck,Esq. (WWA, Mar. 21.)

HAIR, JONAS, / Alice Jane Robbins, mar.  Oct. 1, 1860, by the Rev.  C. E. Blood.
(MKE, Oct. 6.)

HALING, JOHN, / Mary Curtis, both of Riley county, mar.  April 28, 1860, at Manhattan, 
by the Rev.  C. E. Blood. (LR May 17.)

HALL, GEORGE,/ Sally B mar.  June 25, 1857, at Wathena. (LKWH, July 11.)

HALL, ROBERT, / Anna McClure, both of Cass county, Ill., mar.  Nov. 10, 1859, at 
residence of A. J. Petifish, Esq., by the Rev.  Mr. Spencer. (AU, Nov. 12)

HALLADAY, ALBEIIT, formerly of New York,/ Elizabeth Fitzbenry, formerly of 
London, England, mar.  Oct. 27, 1859, at Lecompton, by  Rev.  William Wilson. (TKSR Nov, 12.)

HALYARD, Wm. / Kate 1. Westerfleld, all of Platte county, Mo., mar.
1854, near @eston, by  Rev. 0. C. Steele. (LKWH, Dec. 8.)

HAMMOND, THOMAS J., / Mrs. M. A. Long, mar.  Feb. 17, 1855, at the Osage and 
Pottawatomie fork, by the Rev.  A. Finch. (LKFS, Feb. 24.)

HAmpsoN, JOSEPH F., sheriff of Doniphan county / Angeline Basbford, both of Troy, mar.  
June 17, 1860, at the Great Western Hotel, by  Rev.  J. E. Ryan. (EFP, June 23.)

HAMPTON, SILAS, Washington, D. C,/ Mag.  H. Steele, mar.  Oct. 1, 1860,
by the Rev.  J. A. Steele. (TKSR Oct. 6.)

HANCOCK, JOHN, / Mrs. Mary D. Dudley, b
oth of Alexandria, Va., mar.  Sept. 24, 1855, by Rev.  John C. Smith. (ASS, Sept. 25.)

HANCOCK, JOHN, / Mrs. Rboda Adamson, mar.  May 30, 1857, by the Rev.
E. Note. (LR, June 11.)

HANSCOM, 0. A,, / Anna Tappan, mar.  Oct. 13, 1857, by the Rev.  S. Y. Lum.
(LHF, Oct. 24.)

HARDEN, DAviD, / Minerva Ann Harris, both of Ottumwa, mar.  June 28, 1860, at 
Ottumwa, by  Rev.  William Butt. (BNVR, June 30.)

HARDING, JOHN L., from Roxbury, Mass., / Phebe A. Thurston, from Lowell, 
Mass., mar.  Jan. 2, 1856, at Lawrence, by  Rev.  William W. Hall. (LHF, Jan. 12,)

HAlimoN, DANML, / Mary Jane Sandling, mar.  Feb. 26, 1857, on Pottawatomie creek, by 
Rev.  William C. McDow. (LHF, April II.)

HARPER, J. D., merchant of Weston, Mo.,/ Sallie Keller, of Clay county, mar.  
Oct. 30, 1855, by Elder Moses Lard. (LKWH Nov. 17.)

HARPOLE, ALIFRED, / Jane Miller, both of Chase county, mar.  Dec. 20, 1859, by 
John P. Wentworth, J. P. (EKN, Jan. 21, 1860.)

H@s, E. P.,/ Sarah A. F. Davidson, mar.  Oct. 22, 1860, by Rev.  Richard Cordley. (LR, Oct. 25 . )

HA"is, LINDLEY, and Amanda Harden, mar.  June 28, 1860, at Ottumwa, by 
Rev.  William Butt. (BNVR, June 30.)

HAmisoN, BENjAmiN F., / Mattie Wilson, mar.  Apgriilst7, 1859, by Rev.
John M. Byrd. (AFC,April 16,)

HARY(ISON, THOMAS T., and Ruth T. Bobbin, both of Platte county, Mo., mar.  
April 1, 1858, by  Rev.  H. Williams. (LKWH, April 10.)

HART, HENRY, of Lawrence, / Mary Churchill, of Burlingame, mar.  July, 1859, 
at Burlingame. (LR Sept. 8.)

HASKELL, J. G., Lawrence, / Lizzie Bliss, Wilbraham, Mass., mar.  Dec. 22, 1859, at 
Wilbraham, by the Rev.  J. P. Skeele. (LR Jan. 19.)

HASSLER, CHARLES C., / Mary A. Morehead, mar.  Jan. 26, 1860, at 
residence of bride's father, four miles northwest of Emporia, by  
Rev.  E. Phillips. (EKN, Jan. 28.)

HATHAwAy, N. B., of Clinton, / Kate Osterhout, of Vermillion, N. Y., mar.
Mar. 10, 1859, at Vermillion. (LR April 21.) 

HATHAwAy, RIAL A., / Anne Salome French, Mission creek, mar.  Mar. 24,
1859, by  Rev.  J. T. Holliday. (TKT, Mar. 31.) 

HAVENS, P. E., / Tillie Moore, mar.  Dec. 18, 1860, at residence of 
bride's father, by the Rev.  Jacob Boucher. (OI, Dec. 19.) 

HAwxiNs, H. C., / Susanna, dau. of John Worrnley, Marshall, Mich., mar.
June 12, 1860, at residence of bride's father, Marshall, by  Rev.  S. S.
Chapin. (TKT, June 23.)

HAY, CREsTiEFt A., / Louisa Cosley, both of Kanwaca, mar.  June 9, 1859, at 
Kanwaca, by  Rev.  L. B. Dennis. (LHF, June 11.)

HAYDEN, WMLiAm B., / Eliza Havens, both of Prairie City, mar.  Jan. 22,
1857, at Prairie City, by  Rev.  Harvey Jones. (LHF, Feb. 7.)

HEATH, IVAN D., / Marcia Allis, of Beloit, Wis., mar.  Dec. 31, 1860, at 
residence of S. A. Cobb, by  Rev.  R. D. Parker. (WCG, Jan. 5, 1861.)

HEiTz-,uAN, JOHN, / Mrs. Mary Creavy, both of Little Wakarusa, mar.  Oct. 7, 1857, 
near Lawrence, by  Rev.  E. Note. (LHF,Oct. 10.)

HELLER, ABRAHAM, / Sallie Hemphill, mar.  May 17,1859, by  Rev.  L. A.
Alderson. (AFC, May 21.)

HELM, T. C., / Louisa Conway, both of Bourbon county, mar.  Aug. 26, 1860, at 
Lath branch, by William Margrave, Esq. (FSD Sept. 1.)
HENDERSON, JOHN D., / Amelia Halstead, mar.  Nov. 22, 1857, at 
residence of Dr. Hathaway, by the Rev.  Leander Ker. (LKWH, Nov. 28.)

HENRY, WILLIAM, / Mary Ann Richards, mar.  Mar. 4, 1858, by the Rev.S.Y. Lum. (
LR, Mar. 18.)

HERNING, FREDIERicK, / Mary J. Woolman, mar.  Nov. 16, 1860, at Neosho Falls, 
Woodson county, by Russell Austin. (LKND, Dec. 13.)

HE:RRIOTT, SAMUEL C., / Ada Shaffer, mar.  Sept. 10, 1860, at residence of 
bride's father, near Milburn, Ballard county, Ky., by the Rev.  Mr. Chenant. (TKSR, Sept. 22.)

HICKS, A. D., / Maria C. Vetteto, both of Le Roy township, Coffey county, mar.  
Oct. 14, 1860, at Le Roy, by the Rev.  B. Wheat. (BNVR, Oct. 24.)

HICKS, SOLOMON S., / Mrs. Charlotte E. Saunders, mar.  Nov. 18, 1857, by  
Rev.  G. W. Hutchinson. (LHF Nov. 28.)

HIGBY, LEWIS H., / Kate 11.  Channel, Newark, Ohio, mar.  Sept. 9, 1859, 
at the Mobley Hotel, Rushville, Mo., by  Rev.James Banton. (AFC, Sept. 17.)

HIGDON, ALLEN, / Sarah J. Miller, both of LeRoy, mar.  Sept. 30, 1860, at 
LeRoy by Wm.  McMahon, J. P. (BNVR, Oct. 10.)

HIGHLEY, WILLIAM, / Hannah T. Blair, mar.  Sept. 26, 1858, in 
Doniphan county. (LKWH Oct. 9.)

HILL, FORRESTER, / Mary Pearson, mar. -, 1856, by  
Rev.  T. J. Ferril. (LHF, April 5.)

HILL, THOMAS C., Council Grove, / Mrs. Lucy A. Goddard, 
Rock Creek, mar.  Oct. 3, 1858, by  Rev.  G. C. Morse. (EKN,Oct. 16.)

HILTY, JOSEPH, late of California, / Barbury Senn, of Leavenworth, mar.  
April 19, 1860, at Grasshopper Falls, by J. B. Bliss. (LKWH, May 19.)

HOAG, BENJAMIN W., / Mrs. Polly M. Monroe, mar.  July 13, 1858, by  
Rev.  G. W. Hutchinson. (LHF July 17.)

HODSON, GIDEON F., / Clara Rowe, both of Osawatomie, mar.  Sept. 14, 1857,
by  Rev.  S. L. Adair. (LR, Oct. 1.)

HOLBROOK, WILLIAM H., Rulo, Neb., / Virginia Ware, mar.  Jan. 1, 1861,
at Rule, by A. F. Forney, Esq. (WCKC, Jan. 17.)

HOLLOWAY, J. C., / M. E. Roy, both of Breckinridge county, Kan., mar.  
Aug. 12, 1860, by  Rev.  J. C. McAnulty. (EKN, Aug. 25.)

HOLMES, JAMES H., / Julia A. Archibald, both of Emporia, mar.  Oct. 9,
1857, near Bloomington. (EKN, Oct. 17.)

HOLMES, Lucius M., / Carlin F. Adams, mar.  Jan. 1, 1860, in Fremont 
township, Breckinridge county, Kan., by Noah Bixler, J. P. (EKN, Jan. 7.)

HONNFLL, HENRY WILSON, / Marinda Jane Moore, both of Kickapoo Mission, 
mar. -, 1857, at Kickapoo Mission, near Lodiana City, Brown county, by the 
Rev.  Wm.  H. Honnell. (ASS, Feb. 24.)

HOPKINS, THOMAS, / Sarah Agnes Caffrey, mar.  Nov. 6, 1856, by  Rev.
L.	B. Dennis. (LHF, Nov. 22.)
HOPPER, B. F., and Nancy A. Miller, mar.  April 1, 1856, near Lawrence, by 
Rev.  T. J. Ferril. (LHF, April 5.)
HOPPER, DAviD R., and Letitia Matney, mar.  Feb. 23, 1860, at Williamsport,
Shawnee county, by A. J. Huntoon, Esq. (TKSR, Feb. 25.)

HOUGHTON, CHARLES S., of Worcester, Mass., / Mary, dau. of 
Deacon William B. Richardson, of Sterling, Mass., mar.  Dec. 22, 1858, at Sterling, by 
Rev.WilliamMiller. (LR,Feb.17,1859.)

HOUSTON, CHARLES W., of Saline, Mo., / Frances A. Fackler, mar.  Oct. 12,
1858, by  Rev.  H. Stone. (LKWH, Oct. 15.)

HUBBARD, JOHN L., Highland, /Sarah A. Busey, White Cloud, mar.  Feb. 15,
1859, by  Rev.  C. Graham. (WCKC, Feb. 24.)
HUBBELL, P. HANFORD, Grasshopper Falls, / Sophia Still, mar.  Oct. 23, 1860, at 
Leavenworth, by  Rev.  A. W. Pitzer. (OI, Oct. 31.)

HUBBELL, WILLARD O., / Maria Gleason, mar.  April 15, 1860, at the Baptist Hall, by 
Rev.  W. 0. Thomas. (LR, April 19.)

HuEsTED, EPHRAIM, / Clarinda Goodwin, mar.  Jan. 3, 1858. (OSKH, Jan. 16.)

HUFFMAN, EDWARD, / Margaret Mekeel, both recently from Pike's Peak, mar.  Aug. 9, 1860, 
by Giles A. Briggs. (WCKC,Aug. 16.)

HUGHES, GIAAHAM L., / Mary Ann Murphy, both of St. Louis, mar.  Jan. 23, 1856, at St. Louis, 
by  Rt.  Rev.  Archbishop Kenrick. (LKWH, Feb. 16.)

HULL, JOSEPH L., / Mrs. Julia Ann Rowe, mar.  Sept. 10, 1857, oil Coal creek, by 
Rev.  L. B. Dennis. (LR, Oct. 1.)

HU,-ZGERFORD, SIMEON R., / Nancy Ann Tolle, both of Franklin, mar.  May 13,
1858, by  Rev.  William Wilson. (LHF, June 5.)

HUNT, CHARLES W., / Addie L. Simmonds, of Detroit, Mich., mar.  Dec. 8,
1859, at Lawrence, by Rev.  Richard Cordley. (LHF, Dec. 10.)

HUNTER, W. J., / Susan Aldingham, mar.  April 11, 1860, by  Rev.  C. E.
Blood. (MKE, April 14.)

HUTCHINSON, JOSIAH, / Luticia Caroline Whitlock, both of Wakarusa, mar.
Feb. 18, 1855, by  Rev.  L. B. Stateler. (LKFS, Feb. 24.)

HYDE, REUBEN M., / Mary E. Cavender, both of Auburn, mar.  May 24, 1860, by 
Rev.  F. P. Montfort. (TKSR, May 26.)

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